Sunrise trekking on Mount Batur

A spectacular sunrise was not to be missed on this trip either. For Sunday morning we therefore booked a tour of a volcano: Mount Batur at 1717 meters. In order to arrive at the top on time, we should be picked up at our accommodation at two in the morning. So on Saturday it was time to go to bed early and out of bed after only four hours of sleep. Half an hour late and when we were about to get back into bed, our driver came brewing. A couple from America and two Englishmen were already on the bus.

After an hour’s drive and a short breakfast break, we arrived at the foot of the volcano. There we met Sami, who was supposed to lead our little group to the summit. After everyone had packed themselves in more or less warm clothes (the English kept their shorts on), the climb could start at around 4:00 a.m.

It started off comfortably, the first few meters consisted of firm ground with a slight incline. However, the higher we got, the more strenuous the tour became. The ground became uneven, the path steeper and the air cooler. In some places we almost had to climb. But step by step we came closer to the summit and the sunrise came noticeably closer.

In the end it was done: We had reached our destination around 6 a.m. For the mount Batur sunrise trekking we looked for a place a few meters below the summit, because it was already too full at the top. Spellbound, we waited, freezing with around a hundred others, for the sun to finally appear. When she did, we were rewarded for the arduous climb. It was worth getting up early for this sunrise! finally done..

Shortly thereafter, the first began to descend again, so that there was space for us at the summit and we could once again enjoy the view from the top.

We then went down a few meters to a platform on which dozens of monkeys frolicked. These probably only feed on the breakfast leftovers of the tourists and were therefore very trusting.


Before we started the descent after extensive photo sessions, Sami showed us a geyser and a huge cave, in which there is a Buddhist temple behind large rocks. Sami told us that she no longer dares to enter the temple on her own since a huge boulder fell from the ceiling of the cave when she was nearby. Somehow understandable … Still really impressive that a temple was built in the middle of the mountain. We could hardly imagine how to get there.

Then we went downhill, for which we chose a different, somewhat longer, but less steep path. The main reason, however, was that there weren’t that many tourists there and that we made it faster.

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Once at the bottom, we had to wait for our driver before we could go back. When we got to the accommodation, we had to pack things quickly, as we were picked up at 12 noon: We went back to the coast to Candidasa, where we were just sitting on the terrace in front of our bungalow

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